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International Lists

List marketing is hard enough when reaching out to consumers and businesses in your own country, but it reaches a whole new level of complexity when you want to get your messages and offers to overseas markets.

Do you have a list of countries you need to target? Glencore provides you with the flexibility to filter your international list to the exact specifications of your campaign. 

Using our structured classification of over 750 unique data selects, you can easily filter our database of over 350 million international records down to a niche database relevant to your customer base.

Glencore international data solutions can help you reach your target audience more effectively and efficiently, whether through multichannel marketing, email, direct mail or telemarketing.

We deliver more choices and more advanced services to ensure that you acquire the leads and achieve the conversions you need to succeed in today's marketplace.

Glencore can give you the edge over your competition with the most advanced global marketing lists and database portfolios in the industry, allowing you to reach your target audience and boost visibility and sales for continued growth.

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